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25 \\ Do you struggle staying disciplined in your morning routine? Here is my *new morning routine as an online business owner who works from home!

January 24, 2022

I'm calling myself out inside of today's episode 😬 Being 100% self-employed has a lot of perks...but it's also SUPER easy to fall into (wait for it) laziness. For far too long, I've been snoozing my alarm, starting work later in the day, & not staying disciplined to a morning routine. & this year, the Lord has made it crystal clear that in order for Him to release the blessings He has for me, I need to develop a deeper level of discipline in order to be mature enough to receive them (talk about being #humbled).

 So in this episode, I'm taking you inside of the *NEW morning routine I'm committing to in 2022! I hope today's conversation challenges you to take an honest look at the areas of your life that perhaps you need to develop deeper discipline in too.

 Verses from today's episode:

📖 Hebrews 12:11

📖 Proverbs 6:9-11

📖 Proverbs 31


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