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27 \\ How to audit your Instagram profile to connect with more ideal clients for your coaching business!

February 8, 2022

Today we’re going to dive into the prime real estate that each one of you have on Instagram! That is… your Instagram profile! Once your dream client stumbles across your profile, he or she will likely decide within 7 seconds whether or not they want to click the follow button & subscribe to seeing more of your content on their feed. In other words, you have 7 seconds or less to make an impression on your dream client & send the message that you just might be the right coach for them. If your Instagram profile is a mess, however, those 7 precious seconds are wasted.⁣

Today, I’m going to give you practical action steps to make sure those 7 seconds AREN’T wasted so that your dream client will hit that follow button & be that much closer to working with you & seeing the life-changing transformation your coaching has to offer. Welcome to the show!⁣


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